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St. Patrick’s day is almost here! Being from Buffalo, EVERYONE is Irish this time of year. We take our parades & green beer very seriously. So, the Feeling Lucky Backpack was born!

My daughter loves backpacks & bags to take things on the go with her & I absolutely love how much she loves the ones I make. She has always been my biggest fan. Every time I finish a project she is so excited & immediately wants to use it. The Feeling Lucky Backpack is no different. As soon as I was done with it she had to take it with us to our lunch date. I feel so absolutely blessed to be her momma.

This backpack is wonderful for beginner to experienced crocheters & the detailing from the buttons & braided straps are so simple but give the perfect pop of color.

The Feeling Lucky Backpack can easily be made in just a few short hours. Because the back itself is double stranded it works up quite quickly so it can easily be made before St. Pattys day this year!

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This pattern is available as a PDF download in my ravelry shop.

Materials for feeling lucky:

  • RHSS – Spring Green (250- 300 yards)
  • ILTY – Neon Orange (2 yards for straps)
  • RHSS – Bright Yellow (2 yards for straps)
  • RHSS – Pool (2 yards for straps)
  • RHSS – White (2 yards for straps)
  • RHSS – Grenadine (2 yards for straps)
  • Yarn needle for stitching
  • Pony beads for tie (2 pink, 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 blue)
  • 5 yellow buttons for gold
  • 5mm crochet hook

Stitches used:

  • Ch – Chain
  • SlSt – Slip Stitch
  • DC – Double Crochet

Feeling Lucky Pattern:

Two things to mention for this pattern:

  • 1. The Ch 2 at the beginning of a row never counts as a double crochet
  • 2. While I absolutley LOVE this color combo this pattern would look great with any worsted weight

The Bag

  • 1. {with a double strand} Ch 10 – DC in the second chain from the hook- Ch 2 – 1 DC in same stitch – DC in next 6 stitches – 1 DC in next – Ch 2 – 2 DC – Ch 2 – 1 DC in the same stitch *Continuing to work on opposite side* 1 DC in next 6 stitches – 1 DC in starting stitch – Ch 2 – 1 DC & join to beginning Ch 2
  • 2- 4. Ch 2 – 1 DC in each stitch to Ch 2 space – *1 DC – Ch 2 – 1 DC* in chain 2 space – 1 DC in each stitch to next ch 2 space – *1 DC – Ch 2 – 1 DC* in chain 2 space – 1 DC in each stitch to Ch 2 space – *1 DC – Ch 2 – 1 DC* in chain 2 space – 1 DC in each stitch to Ch 2 space – *1 DC – Ch 2 – 1 DC* in chain 2 space – 1 DC in each stitch to starting Ch 2 & join with SlSt

You should now have a square base with 4 total rows – this will be the base of your bag – you will now stop increasing and start going up with your bag

  • 5 – 13. 1 DC BLO of each stitch around (you will skip the ch 2 spaces)
  • Cut, Tie off and weave in ends

You have now created the bag base – next up the flap!

Feeling Lucky Backpack Flap

  • 1. Join yarn at a corner of your bag & working along the long side place 1 DC in the next 16 stitches
  • 2 – 6. Ch 2 & turn – 1 DC in next 16 Stitches
  • Cut, Tie Off & weave in ends

Pot of gold applique:

  • Ch 4 & Make ring
  • Ch 2 & place 12 HDC in ring – SlSt to join
  • Ch 2 & place 2 HDC in each stitch around – SlSt to join
  • Ch 1 & place 1 HDC in next 6 stitches – tie off & weave in ends
  • Attach applique to bottom right hand side of bag
  • Scatter the 6 buttons on the flap so they look as though they are falling into the pot

Center pull tie:

To make the center pull cord use 4 strands of RHSS in spring green & feed through your yarn needle. Carefully thread on your first set of beads in pink, orange, yellow, green & blue. Then thread the cord around the top lip of the bag. Once you reach the other side of the bag feed your next set of beads (blue, green, yellow, orange, & pink) then tie off.

Feeling Lucky Straps:

Using two yards each of:

  • RHSS – Spring Green
  • RHSS – Grenadine
  • ILTY – Neon Orange
  • RHSS – Bright Yellow
  • RHSS – Pool
  • RHSS – White

Fold the yarn in half & in half again so you have 4 strands of each color. Sort the sections so you have:

  • 4 strands of white & 4 strands of bright yellow
  • 4 strands of pool & 4 strands of spring green
  • 4 strands of neon orange & grenadine

Now braid the strands to create the strap for your backpack & tie off both ends making sure the knots are tight.

To attach the straps feed the cord through the middle of the back of the bag ( 7 stitches in from each end). Once your cord is centered attach the ends of the cord to the bottom outside edges of the bag & stitch in place to secure.)

Congratulations you have completed your Feeling Lucky Backpack! I hope the little person in your life loves it as much as my daughter does!

After you have finished, please share your finished project with me on Facebook or Instagram by tagging me or using the hashtag #Aspottedllama! I would love to see your work. Dont forget to follow me on Pinterest as well to stay up to date!